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Day 31 – November 09, 2010

Lacock Abbey

The Abbey at Lacock

Lacock is a tiny village near Chippensham in North Wiltshire. It is located off the main motorway and the countryside views en-route are as interesting as the village itself. My drive took me through many narrow B-roads in England, passing many towns and a few hamlets.  The weather being what it is in England, the sun never appeared during the day. Rain was intermittent but never caused a hindrance.

Sandy Lane road sign in Lacock

Road sign in Lacock

Restaurant in Lacock - Sign of The Angel

A restaurant in Lacock

The village, as you walk through it, seems a little familiar at times. It’s not too difficult to ascertain after a while that you’ve seen something from here, somewhere. Sure enough, after I came back home in the evening Wikipedia confirmed that BBC’s Pride and Prejudice was filmed here, along with some scenes from the Harry Potter movies, episodes of Robin of Sherwood, and various other movies and television series.

Lacock Church

Church in Lacock

Blue Door and railing

Blue Door

Walking the streets of Locock is a great way to get transported back in time after the bustle of urban England. The empty lanes and stone houses may not speak, but a little imagination (and even a mild dose of experience with English literature) is enough to conjure images from fictitious worlds, and times long past. I have harbored particular fascination for medieval English history, and creating scenes of life during such times was something that came readily to my brain. J As it turns out, most of the houses in the village are of 18th century construction, or earlier.

Blue door and window on street

East Street

fence and path


It doesn’t take a lot of time to explore the village, being as small as it is, but take interest in the details and you’ll soon find yourself running through two-three hours without breaking a sweat. The Fox Talbot Museum of Photography was of particular interest to me but it was closed while I was there, as was Lacock Abbey whose interior was featured in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Hither Way

Hither Way, Lacock

Moving east, Avebury is another tiny village that happens to be famous, but for reasons unrelated to movies. The UK appears to have a large number of places where stone formations exist, and Avebury is one of them.  Not only are the stones found here in a standing state, there are three circles that the henge at Avebury contains, one of which is the largest in Europe, 427m (1401ft) in diameter. Reading about the history of these circles, and Avebury, is an adventure in itself. Two good sources of information about these circles are –

Avebury – Wikipedia

Stones of England – Avebury

Day 23 – November 01, 2010

I took a train to Carlisle this morning, where I’ll be getting off and picking up my rental vehicle which will serve me for the next four days in the Lake District in the north of England. I finally decided to make my way down south, out of Scotland, despite wanting to visit the Dumfries and Galloway area in the southwest of Scotland for a few days. The accommodation and travel options there were becoming a pain to pin down, so I dumped the entire thing. I may try to visit this area some time later, if possible, although the chances look bleak.

Leaving Scotland is making me feel strange. I’ve had such a wonderful time here in the last few weeks, and to leave it now to go into what is most certainly a more crowded region seems counter-intuitive to what I want to do. I’m guessing that will change once I get used to being in the Lake District after a couple of days, hopefully.

Reached Keswick a little after two in the afternoon. It’s a small town and looks like exactly the kind of place where you could get lost within the small lanes, only to find yourself out of the town after 15 minutes of walking in any direction! As a result the number of commercial establishments is fairly low, and so are the number of people who throng the streets of the city centre, especially compared to a big place like Edinburgh. It’s pretty in it’s own right, set in a great location close to Lake Derwentwater and in the shadow of the fells that surround it.

It’s been raining again today, especially later in the day, and I’m starting to get a feeling as if I’ve somehow lost the plot when it comes to photography on this trip. The first few days/weeks up in the highlands of Scotland were great, but ever since the workshop has ended I find that I’ve made much fewer photographs, and it’s starting to bother me a bit. The weather doesn’t seem helpful either. I’m going to try to push things a bit tomorrow to get the imaging engine back into high gear. Hope it gets better.

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