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Day 6 – October 15, 2010

On the road to Glencoe, passing through Rannoch Moor

Woke up today feeling much better than last night. Even though I had thought of driving to Glencoe last night before going to bed, I wasn’t sure of it mainly because Ben Lomond had taken a lot out of me. But this morning was better than last night and I decided I’d do the drive. At the same time I started feeling a little apprehensive of going further up into the highlands. I have a heard of the splendour of the highlands, along with their unpredictable weather, and for some strange reason I started feeling safe and at home in Loch Lomond, where I had been staying for the last four days. There was, however, no way I was going to let silly thoughts like those get to me. I was here, far away from home, to explore, experience, and see. Going into the unknown when I already was in the unknown wouldn’t be much different. And so I packed my bags and set off for Glencoe.

The throat was much worse this morning than it has been in the last couple of days. It’s probably because I keep stuff to drink in the car that I’ve rented, but it stays cold all the time because of the weather. The water I had after coming down from Ben Lomond must be to blame here. Drat!

En-route to Glencoe

The drive up towards Glencoe kept me on the A82 all the way. The drive itself was fairly good, but the scenery en-route was spectacular. Lots of elements of Ladakh to see, along with many unique features such as the dour-looking Rannoch moor, said to be the most inhospitable area in Scotland. The drive itself was fairly uneventful apart from my valiant attempts to drive single-handed at 60mph while trying to take photos of the lands passing by with the other hand! Not very smart, but that’s what I’m here to do right? 😛 Didn’t have much choice in terms of places to stop till the time I reached Tyndrum where I had a cup of herb tea to soothe my throat. Beyond Tyndrum there were parking places that were well situated, especially as I got closer to Glencoe.

The SYHA hostel at Glencoe is located on a small by-lane, around two miles off the A82. It’s a quaint little building surrounded by the hills of the Glen and tall trees all around. It is a very picturesque location. I’m staying here tonight and tomorrow. Hoping to catch up with all my unwritten blogs for the last few days and get some much-needed rest. I’ve been shooting and moving around continuously for the past four-five days and it’s starting to wear me down a little bit. I’ve been recharging my camera’s batteries continuously, and it’s time I did myself the same favour.

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