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Day 34 – November 12, 2010

I’m back in London for the last two days of my stay in the UK. It’s mostly been about family, meeting old cousins and an aunt whom I last saw 20 years ago. It was a good blast into the past while also reminding me about how time changes us all. My most vivid memory of my cousins 20 years ago is waking up to see three pairs of eyes peering down upon me, waiting for me to wake up and come out of bed to play with them. Of all the things I must’ve done in London back then this is the only incident that I remember as if it was yesterday. Today, the same cousins of mine are all grown up, just like me, and have become individuals with their own distinct personalities. Seeing them and talking to them makes me realize just how much I’ve grown up too. From being a child travelling across a different country with my parents to now visiting the same country while treading my own path, it’s been a long journey and the story has only just begun.

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