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Hourglass Inversion

I’m taking some time off from the regular dose of travel-related posts that I dish out to talk a little bit about a new band doing the rounds in Pune nowadays. Hourglass Inversion (formerly Hourglass) is an alternative/progressive rock band making a name for itself in the local music circles lately.

My association with the band is through its vocalist Yayati, and drummer Chetan. Both these guys were with me during my B-school days and never left an opportunity to make my life miserable. In fact, so notorious was Chetan for the torture he inflicted upon freshmen that his nickname, even to this day, is Satan! Now I’m certain they’ll be eager to get hold of me for letting word out of their true nature, so under pressure to save my neck I’ll admit that I kid about the facts. Even though Chetan’s nick is still Satan, neither he, nor Yayati were ever bothered about ‘dealing’ with freshmen. They were always up to necks in music, and I was fortunate to have witnessed them perform many times during college. My friendship with Yayati grew out of admiration for his musical abilities, and it has persevered through the years solely, I think, on the basis of loving the arts. He even tried to teach me how to play the guitar, but I had already committed to photography. Someday I’ll pick up the six-string again, and then we shall jam together.

Anyway, back to Hourglass Inversion. The other two band members are Amit (lead guitars), and Hemant (bass). Together, these four make a solid base to create music. Their inspirations may be individual, but their visions for music have been combined to come out with a sound that is unique, and easy to listen to despite being progressive/alternative in nature. They have been doing gigs within the city for the past year, and have played at some big-name places such as Not Just Jazz by The Bay, Soul, Elysium, and at the 2011 Bryan Adams Rockathon. They have had media coverage in magazines and on radio, and have just┬ácome out with their first EP. Work on a web-site is presently under-way, and you’ll be able to sample their music once it is up and running. In the meanwhile, have a gander over at their Facebook profile – Hourglass Inversion, where you can listen to their first track – Someday.

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