Locked Up
Few instances have the ability to leave a mark on our lives. Times of crisis, major life events, achievements, to list a few. Each seems like the biggest, most significant, or hardest time we’ve had to endure in our short existence here. One is here today, for me, my brothers and sisters, although the shame of it all lies in that fact that we never realised what had happened; never knew in time.

For shame does not describe what I feel today,
It is the heartlessness of it all,
And hurt doesn’t quite say I’m sorry,
For I never really knew you at all.

I hope you’re at peace wherever you are,
Free of this tragedy called life,
There are places here worth living,
And those that I despise.

Your presence was but a shadow,
Drifting as a veil through the night,
Of all the sins we’ve committed,
This might just be the most reviled.

I never quite knew your soul,
Never the joy of your days,
Now, though, I wish I had more time,
More life in each and every way.

There will be those who don’t care,
And maybe I was one of them to you,
But farewell I say to you today brother,
And sorry for not being there,
Only with a promise now – I’ll meet you again,
And once more your brother too.

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