Life, and living

Bridge into nothingness

Bridge into nothingness

When is life, life? When you sit down to eat your favourite meal, or walk to the theatre to watch your favourite film? Is it taking a walk down the road which runs next to your house, or when you sit on the pier at the edge of the sea? Is it taking the morning train to work everyday, or leaving your job to do something you always wanted, even if you’re unsure it’s the right thing to do? Is it wanting to give your parents, who’ve given you everything they could, all that you can, or treading your own path in life irrespective of what others think and feel?

Fort William

Is it exploring the world, living in different countries and among varied cultures, or settling down in one place – making it your home and being content with knowing your world is right there? What, then, about either exploring new things that life throws your way, or standing tall in the face of a storm that threatens to pummel your life into a direction you never imagined?

Travel reflections


How, and why, is that most people you will speak to tell you to play it safe, than to live it up? And who’s to say what right or wrong is? Stories of living with what you have are as common as those where you rebuild your life from scratch, after you’ve lived the last half as somebody else. Yet, when confronted with the chance to live the dream, you have nightmares, during the day, of a new life you have the choice to entering into. Is the yearning only for the chase, for getting there? Isn’t it more about the story than just the trailer? When each choice is a compromise, then the easier path is more tempting despite its ubiquity and lack of soul. Do you then turn your back on that which you’ve worked towards all this time? Turn your back on you, to choose another you?

Chained but free

Free, yet chained

Despite countless replays, choice is a road travelled alone. Time changes us all, but the hardest part is realizing when we’ve changed after hard-fought battles. When the fight becomes the end, and the dreams you yearned to turn into life now seem better as they are. When the questions pile up, and the myriad answers stare at you in the day, and blind you at night. When you know only you can choose, only you can alter your own course in life. Maybe that’s freedom. Maybe, that’s life.

About StrandedMike

Just trying to find my place in and on this potpourri of culture, language, and geography called Earth.

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