Day 28 – November 06, 2010

Drove down to an area close to Birmingham called the Stepping Stones today. It’s in a national park in England, a couple of hours from Solihull. It’s not much in terms of adventure, but is a good way to spend some time walking around rural England, allowing yourself to be regaled by not just the geography of the area, but also by the weather that keeps you guessing.


All I did was walk up and down a small hill in the glorious sun, which had decided to make an appearance after all these days of rain and an impermeable cloud cover. There were many families who also seemed to be making the best of the weather. Unhurried and completely relaxed is how I’d describe the day. No real sightseeing done, but the journey across various country-roads on the way from, and back to Solihull more than made up for the slow pace.


About StrandedMike

Just trying to find my place in and on this potpourri of culture, language, and geography called Earth.

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  1. Your pictures are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.

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