Day 24 – November 02, 2010

See – Of Unannounced Exigencies

Walking on the track running next to Lake Derwentwater

I spent the remaining time of the day first at walking along the banks of Lake Derwentwater, shooting with the LX3, and then drove down to Lake Ullswater. Only, it was raining all the way through, and didn’t stop even when I reached Greenridding where the Youth Hostel is supposed to be. I say supposed because even though there are map entries and a few signposts on the road, I couldn’t really find it. Blame it on my lack of observation skills, if you must, but that’s how it was. Combined with the dreary weather and the rain that wouldn’t stop, along with a dead primary camera, I figured it might be better if I went back to Keswick.

Boats by the waters of Lake Derwentwater

Jetty at Lake Derwentwater

Driving back, I was thinking if it would get better tomorrow and I’d have a better day at Windermere than I did today at Ullswater. The area at Ullswater is very pretty, and the road runs low by the banks of the river, but it was difficult to enjoy it in such pelting rain. Somewhere between Ullswater and Keswick I decided it might be better if I went to Solihull, near Birmingham, where a friend stays. Lake District is beautiful, but after the witnessing the splendor of the Scottish highlands it doesn’t inspire much within. Additionally, being close to a big city might give me a chance to get the camera checked and possibly repaired. So I turned the car around, and drove to Solihull. 197 miles in 2.5 hours. That was short journey, but felt really long because of having to struggle with the car on the motorway with the heavy crosswinds and the lashing rain almost all the way through. Got there safely though, and I hope something works out.

En-route to Lake Ullswater



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