Edinburgh – Day 22, October 31, 2010

Today was again spent walking around the city on foot. A part of the area covered by the tour bus yesterday included a road called the Royal Mile, which I wanted to walk along. I didn’t walk the length of the road, but only a part that I thought was more accessible to me.

The weather again played in my favour and walking around didn’t feel tiring at all. I think Edinburgh could be a very nice place to live in, not least because it has a very interesting mixture of modern commercial outlets intermingled with classic architecture and monuments that serve to create a very special atmosphere. I walk here and can’t help but think that it must be similar in some ways to other major European cities in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, etc. where life and history have been coexist in a very appealing manner. No wonder they’re all so popular as tourist destinations.

I’m not quite sure of where I’m going tomorrow. I’ll sit down later in the evening and sift through the options list. I have been considering going to the Isle of Arran, said to be Scotland in miniature, but the ferry service from Ardrossan to Brodick seems to have been suspended for a day or so some time ago due to weather conditions. Seeing how the weather has been fine these last couple of days leads me to believe that worse is in store in the next few days, in which case the ferry service may be erratic, so I’ll have to investigate that a little more before I make up my mind.


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