The English Diaries

Back in October 2010 when I travelled around Scotland I had kept a daily diary of my thoughts and experiences. Since the whole purpose of the trip was to shoot photographs, there is an obvious layer of photography embedded into the entire series, but it also contains a lot of information dealing with the kind of situations I found myself in, and also about the places I visited.

The initial idea of keeping the blog was that I’d post it as a daily update here, to allow all my friends and family to virtually come along for the ride. That idea, however, was soon out of the window because of (a) the gruelling schedule of travel that I was following, and (b) internet access being expensive at the places I was staying. So in the end all these posts ended up sitting on the MacBook’s  hard drive, with the assumption that nobody would be interested in reading about someone’s random thoughts, which bear more or less no relevance to the reader. That said, I have now decided to post all those posts here. Why the change of heart? Well, for one knowledge or experiences shared are always useful to someone, somewhere, as everyone who has trawled the web for information about anything has found out. There are always websites or blogs or articles which contain information you never thought you require, till the day you do, and then Google is called upon to provide the results. So I hope these will turn out to be useful to somebody, if only in a small way that I can’t possibly fathom presently.

Coming up will be a daily post from the English diary I kept. Starting off with Scotland…

About StrandedMike

Just trying to find my place in and on this potpourri of culture, language, and geography called Earth.

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