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Today I am ashamed to be an Indian

More than 70,000 crore. That’s the bill we’re all footing. And how many years has this project been on-line? Today, when the people responsible for making sure this thing was a success are more busy trying to convince everyone else that the positives of the project must be highlighted, do they really think we’re all so naive and delirious that we’ve lost our ability to see, understand, and judge? What, in this entire god-forsaken project, deserves to be praised? Are you seriously telling me that just because 2010 has seen unprecedented showers we should suddenly understand why the remaining years were spent doing nothing on the ground?

How is it that a country facing so many challenges on so many countless levels finds the political backing to spend a fortune on an event that will bring not an ounce of relief to those suffering with no homes, with no medicines, with no education, with no jobs, with no food, with no life? How can an expense of more than 70,000 crore rupees be justified? HOW? And now you want our sympathy? Have you absolutely no shame? Has sitting in the power circles made you so utterly inhuman that you’ve forgotten that maybe you were once piss-poor and looked forward to becoming someone important so that you could help others and not let them live how you’ve lived in the past?

I can say with utmost honesty that I feel ashamed that I am a citizen of a country where the people that have been chosen to govern possess infinite apathy to those they should serve. Rather, they are cocky enough to dare to tell us to forget about everything that is wrong (which is everything there is in this mindless CWG project) and instead focus on the things that are right (of which there is nothing at all). Shameful.

The memories that haunt

All it takes is one look at the books I bought and read, about aviation, and all the weeks and months of planning for any other career seem like such a waste. This is what my soul screams to me I should be – an aviator, and my place belongs in the sky. As much as I may try to convince myself that other things are worth learning, knowing, and experiencing, nothing will ever come close to taking off from the ground and being up in the air. Where everything takes on a different hue, and every little detail on the planet becomes part of a larger whole. Where it all starts to make sense. Every question gets its answer, and every doubt is laid to rest. Where relief is found from drudgery, boredom, lack of inspiration, fear, loneliness, depression, and every other malady that a human being (me, in this case) could be afflicted with.

As I enter the final lap of preparations for my 90 days of self-discovery, having formerly ruled out aviation as a contender for a career ahead, I think it may not turn out to be quite as simple. For every time I feel I’ve managed to come to terms with aviation being a no-show, this quote (whose true origins aren’t yet accurately known) comes back to me –

“When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”

Happy landings. 🙂

Demystifying 904F

February 2010 marked my return from Australia, having spent 15 months working in Melbourne. Those were probably 15 of the most eventful months of my life thus far. So much transpired within that time that it’s best not to get into it. Let’s just say I learned a lot of things from my time there, and as a fallout of various events that occurred in, and because, of my living there. So once I came back to Pune, life had shown a whole different side of itself, and me, to me. One that I had not been aware of earlier. I knew I had to do something to change the way things were going. There really wasn’t much that was holding on to in terms of my career. It was no career at all, in fact. Think of it more as a temporary adjustment, just till I figured out where I wanted to go eventually.

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90 days for freedom. That’s what this time is for. Finding the path to my freedom. Far too long have I lived under this dark cloud of dissatisfaction, longing, and perennial oppression (hallucinations). Now of course this time has also been of tremendous help in terms of giving me a rational perspective of life, along with the financial resources and time to put into my hobby. But we can’t let a sudden bout of reason numb the joy to be had from some mindless mud-slinging, can we? 😉 Hell no!

Right then, the tickets are done, some bookings are too. Most details are unknown. Yet. And so they might just remain for a good amount of time. Like right before the night is upon me, I might just know whether I’ll be able to make it to a hostel, or have to end up sleeping in the car that I’ll hire. Oh well, fun never came with comfort, did it? It did? Oh, hmmm… well, not in my budget it can’t. Geddit? Good! 😀

Then there’s the whole issue of equipment upgrades, new gear, old gear, weight, size, cost, yada yada yada. The whole nine yards. If you know of a way to compress 16kg. to make it weigh no more than 7, please let me know. Just don’t tell the airlines, cool? I’ll bring you a nice gift when I meet you. Promise. 🙂 And some thoughts on plucking some money growing on those nice Christmas trees wouldn’t be too bad either. That 24/1.4 looks mighty tempting. Yummm…

You’ll be seeing a lot of updates on this blog in the coming months. If you find them interesting, hit me up in the comments. It’ll be nice to hear you while I’m stumbling from one stop to another. Hopefully there’ll be some nice images to share, and a few stories to spice up all that spare time you don’t know what to do with right now. You can thank me later. Cya soon. 🙂

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