Life in the time of recession


Or so they say. It’s been thrown around a lot, this word, in the last year or so. A lot of the news has been true, but with an equally big dose of fear-mongering at times. Yes, times have been harder than in the last few years, but it hasn’t all been bleak. Yes, jobs have been lost, and so has money, but as with everything in life, it has had a silver lining as well. Maybe not for everyone out there, but certainly for a lot of folks. Well, how can losing a job, or not finding one be good for anyone, right? I believe it has been very helpful to a lot of people. Maybe they don’t realize it right now, but sooner or later they will.

I have long believed that the human race (us) has been on a one-way road to self-destruction (ok, maybe not end-of-the-world stuff, but certainly not pretty either.) Firstly, there’s a lot more of us today than there were two or three decades ago. The size of our planet hasn’t grown, and neither have the natural resources available to us. In order to sustain ourselves, we’ve been locked in an endless struggle to produce more, in turn consuming more, wasting more. Not just that, we’re competing with ourselves every single day. For food, jobs, space, and each other. Where we would earlier be satisfied with ‘enough’, we’re locked in a daily battle to get more and more for ourselves, and for those with us.

So what does any of this have to do with the recession? Well, contrary to the mindless quest to earn more than our peers, the fact that there is comparatively lesser work available today than there was, say, a year ago, simply means that we (or at least those lucky enough) have more time. More time for us, for our families. More time to do what we really want to do, rather than a mundane 9-to-5 that was killing us anyway. Losing a job, or not finding one, or having to take less money every month, all of it means we’ve got more time to be with us. This sudden availability of extra time means we’re free to do whatever it is that truly drives us. It could be writing stories, poems, or creating music, movies, photographs, or a thousand other things that could be creative, enterprising, novel, and a departure from the life we had in common with at least a million others.

We finally have a chance, albeit forcefully, to do what we’ve wanted to do. It’s certainly not that such was not the case earlier, but now with a sudden dearth of places to work, people are being forced to break self-imposed rules, whether they were because of complacency, fear or anything else under the sun that they wanted to believe. Now is the time to think different. Everyone is unique, and if we channel our passion and desire to create whatever it is we want to, that energy can only push us forward on a better path. Face it, wouldn’t you love to be doing something else other than wearing your work uniform and heading to your workplace every morning; just another drop in a sea of a million and more? Wouldn’t you love to have your own identity, your own personal brand to showcase to the world? To put all your energy and devotion to create something that’s driven by your innate talent, rather than putting up with something you’d rather have done in your past life, not this one?

That is the kind of opportunity that has always been available to all of us. Only now, with the kind of situation the world faces, people might be forced into something that they probably would’ve wanted to do in the very first place. And that is never a bad thing.

About StrandedMike

Just trying to find my place in and on this potpourri of culture, language, and geography called Earth.

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