As I sit here tonight, writing down my thoughts, I cannot help but wonder how small and insignificant we all are. The moment I try to visualize the vastness of the universe, it seems so strange that our everyday lives are riddled with innumerable events that hold absolutely no meaning in the larger scheme of things. No matter how hard I try, it is simply impossible to imagine how incredibly gigantic our universe is. We might as well be as big as quarks in the context of things.

Despite all of our knowledge to date, the question of whether we are alone in the universe has still not successfully been answered. Sure, we have proof that life is possible on other places, and that it may actually have existed there too. But is intelligent life, like us, out there? If they do exist, as I believe, then what are they like? Maybe these questions seem too common now, after all this time of being bombarded with false alarms of UFO sightings, documentaries, movies and television soaps using this idea at their core. But to me, this question still holds the same mystique as it did when I first thought about it.

Life changes everyday for every one of us. And each day we wish it would go the way we want it to. Maybe that is the secret of how we have managed to survive for so long. Despite our beliefs and wishes, we manage to adapt to change. And change is something that will never, itself, change.

I always wished I could float in space, and experience it first hand, without any barriers in between. That is not possible right now. I wonder whether I will ever be able to make it happen for me. Because for me, that question is more important than anything else in my life. I feel like this universe belongs to me. And I need to know what it holds. I need to know it within my lifetime, and want to experience it live.

About StrandedMike

Just trying to find my place in and on this potpourri of culture, language, and geography called Earth.

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